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Friends the Musical Reviews

By Bill Crouch



"...Landon Zwick gives a standout performance as Ross Geller. It’s a fun, twisted spin on the well-known role and the audience clearly adores the result. As Ross, Zwick is a heartsick, silly geek with great vocals, effortless dance moves and comic timing to die for. He’s somewhere between a young Dick Van Dyke and David Schwimmer himself. Zwick raises the stakes with unbridled energy; he lands every punch line and nails Ross’s dorky double-takes to perfection."

"...Landon Zwick’s Ross is a spectacular standout, relaying every cock of the head and doofish “Come on guys!” with flawless inflection and humor."

By Iris Wiener

By Elazar Abrahams 

"...The entire cast is fantastic, particularly Landon Zwick as Ross and Katie Johantgen as Phoebe. You can immediately tell they are fans themselves, which is important with this sort of thing."

Into The Woods Review

by Jeff Davis






"...It is a quartet of comedians who steal the show.  The princes, played by Landon Zwick and Stephen Brower, and Cinderella's stepsisters, played by Matilde Bernabei and Erin Erxleben, are the hands down crowd favorites.  Every moment they're on stage is theater gold.  They enter and exit with absurdly funny flourishes and milk every comic moment for all its worth."

90210 the Musical Review

by Ryan Mikita

"...Zwick and Marcu, who get to have fun playing up the goody-two-shoes sides of their characters, are a pair of talented vocalists with a knack for comedy and charisma for days." 

by Ethan Kanfer








"...The performers, all of them gifted with Broadway-level chops, are clearly having fun letting their inner teenagers come out and play. They are all well cast in their roles"


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