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Recently Landon was in the regional premiere of 'A Bronx Tale' in Ft. Myers Florida, where he played Crazy Mario and was T2 in the Doo Op group with Prather Productions. 

Landon also wrote his first pilot and is working on his musical 'Static'. 

Coming up:

Landon is currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. He is 800/2,650 miles into the journey as of July 1st. 2021. 


They say art is beauty, they say art is pain.

But when experiencing art, what's there to gain?

Is it the passion lying deep within?

Or is it the love that makes you grin?

I cannot answer for you, only you can know.

Whatever it is, I hope it shows.

Please, breath with me... there that's nice.

Now let's let them play on this black wooded ice. 




        Landon Zwick