Landon was recently the Associate Producer to Friends the Musical Parody Off-Broadway. He also played Ross Geller in the show

He was also selected to have his new musical, 'Static.'  workshopped in Austin Texas with Synesthesia Productions.


Landon beat Thyroid Cancer earlier this year and is happy to be back in New York.

This December-February, he will be playing Gus in Prather's production of 'Saturday Night Fever' down in Florida.


They say art is beauty, they say art is pain.

But when experiencing art, what's there to gain?

Is it the passion lying deep within?

Or is it the love that makes you grin?

I cannot answer for you, only you can know.

Whatever it is, I hope it shows.

Please, breath with me... there that's nice.

Now let's let them play on this black wooded ice. 




        Landon Zwick

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